Caravanners have always been extremely active in international activities. This social form of travelling gathers people together, regardless of their nationality or language.


SF-Caravan is a member of the International Camping and Caravanning Federation F.I.C.C. (Fédération Internationale de Camping et de Caravanning). SF-Caravan gives statements and opinions from a Finnish caravanner's point of view in regard to mutual European and global matters and decision-making. SF-Caravan receives information from FICC regarding reformations, decisions, legislation as well as future plans.

FICC is distributor of the International Camping Card (Camping Card International), which is required at most European camping sites. The most notable event is the annual FICC Rally organised by FICC, which brings together caravanners from all over the world in a different location each year. The FICC Rally has been organised in Finland four times: 1981 in Tampere, 1994 in Joensuu, 2004 in Oulu and 2014 with the 50th anniversary of SF-Caravan in Pori. FICC Youth Rally 2011 organised in Helsinki, Finland.


SF-Caravan is a member of the international automotive assosiation FIA (= Federation Internationale de l´Automobile), which consists of 245 national motoring organisations from 146 different countries. The member associations of FIA represent over 80 million motorists and their families. Apart from its other lines of business - such as motor sports, road services, travel services, political campaigning for the motorist, technical testing of vehicles, camping, biking etc - FIA is also a major camping association.


NCR (=Nordiska Caravan Rådet) engages in Nordic co-operation. In addition to SF-Caravan, its other member associations are the Caravan Club of Sweden and the Norsk Bobil og Caravan Club.

The aim of Nordic co-operation is, amongst other things, to expand Nordic camping benefits, to establish standard traffic and motor home regulations as well as to encourage members of the associations to take part in joint events.

Members of the following sister organisations are entitled to stay overnight at member rates at SF-Caravan Club Sites when they present their membership cards:

Sweden Caravan Club of Sweden
Norway Norsk Bobil og Caravan Club
Denmark Dansk Camping Union
Germany Deutscher Camping Club
Holland Nederlandse Caravan Club
France Federation Francaise de Camping et de Caravaning
Great Britain The Camping and Caravanning Club, The Caravan Club
Italy Confederazione Italiana del Campeggiatori
Hungary Magyar Camping és Caravanning Club